Friday, September 22, 2006


Christianity Today just posted an article about a conversation Preston Jones (history professor at John Brown University) had with Bad Religion's (the punk band) Greg Gaffin, who apparently has a Ph.D. from Cornell. Gaffin is an atheist. Here is a quote:

"In those months of dialogue I also saw the devastation wrought by the passion for pseudo-scientific theories on natural history among some Christians. Many of my students believe that six-day creationism is an essential Christian belief—that if the first chapters of Genesis can't be taken literally, then the whole Bible is a fraud. What tragic nonsense!
Before Greg and I corresponded, I didn't care. "You wanna believe the earth was created six thousand years ago? Whatever." But Greg helped me see that this kind of gaping ignorance promotes the perception that theologically conservative Christians are the enemies of learning."

Christianity Today included this at the end of the article: "This article, as with all "Speaking Out" pieces, does not necessarily represent the views of Christianity Today." That's all and well, but this history teacher just got duped by an informed evolutionist. While there surely are many Christian's who use pseudo-scientific arguments against evolution, this man must not be very well read on some of the most recent Christian arguments against evolution.

What did I learn from this? Well, if a history teacher debates the issue of evolution with someone who has a Ph.D. in it, they will probably lose ... and be convinced. I wonder why CT would publish this? As an advertisement for this man's book, maybe?


Anonymous said...

When using words such as "pseudo-sceiece" and "ignorance" it would make sense for you to back those words up with some facts, because using those words don't make you sound any less "ignorant" than those you disagree with. And if you think having a Ph.D.= 'can't believe in a literal 6-day creation', then you really should consider deleting this blog. Visit ..And just remember, Jesus viewed Genesis as literal history..So you wouldn't dare call Him ignorant, would you??

David A. Croteau said...

Did you actually read that whole post? Did you notice that I disagreed with the man I QUOTED. That wasn't me ... I AM a literal 6-day creationist!!! I know all about answers in genesis and have a ton of their material. Try reading a little closer, and not skim.