Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Net or Gross

Interesting article today on BP News ... any thoughts?


Anonymous said...
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Marty said...

I tend to lean to what Luther said about tithing and the commentary by Russell Kelly.

DR. MARTIN LUTHER; 1525: "The Law of Moses Binds Only the Jews and Not the Gentiles. Here the Law of Moses has its place. It is no longer binding on us because it was given only to the people of Israel. And Israel accepted this law for itself and its descendants, while the Gentiles were excluded."

"Nothing in the Mosaic Law (as law) applies to Christians unless it is either repeated to the Church after the cross or is evident in natural law and in the conscience of all men. And, since a ten per cent tithing principle is not found either in the New Covenant after the cross or in the inner being, or conscience, of all men, then tithing is not taught to the Church. To my pleasant surprise, Dr. Martin Luther used exactly the same Bible hermeneutic in a sermon delivered on August 27, 1525. These are not “out of context” or random remarks about the Law and tithing. Rather Dr. Luther is speaking precisely to the point because his sermon title is How Christians Should Regard Moses."


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