Saturday, December 02, 2006

Live and Learn

It's amazing the "loopholes" students can find. I decided to be gracious to my Gospel of John class and allow them to turn their papers in before the end of the day, since I would be in my office until late that night. As I started the class (after I announced this), a student asked me a question about the paper. I answered it and got about 1 line out of my lecture, when I looked back at him.

He had his laptop open and a stack of books next to it that looked like John commentaries. I said: are you actually working on the paper right now?!" He said yes. Unbelievable! I couldn't believe it, I laughed so hard my stomach hurt for an hour. He was actually going to try to finish the paper during class. That took nerve!


david said...

That is really funny. BTW, I wonder if you would send me a copy of your syllabus for that class. I am working on a syllabus right now and would like to get some ideas.

Justin TenCate said...


I could so see Howerton doing that in Hermeneutics ;)

wordflyer said...

Not gonna lie... I've tried to do that too. When you've got a packed schedule and haven't learned the discipline to handle it, you do strange things.