Friday, July 31, 2015

Endorsement from Two Pastors

Two pastors graciously agreed to endorse the Urban Legends book: Greg Gilbert and Sam Storms.

“We live in an age of biblical illiteracy; that much is undeniable. But as someone once noted, it’s not just what you don’t know, it’s also what you do know that just ain’t so! David Croteau does a great job in Urban Legends of winsomely, kindly, and carefully correcting misconceptions about the Bible. Here is a book that will not just interest, but inform!”

Greg Gilbert, senior pastor,
Third Avenue Baptist Church, Louisville, Kentucky

“Although we prefer not to acknowledge it, all of us hold fervently to certain beliefs about what the Bible teaches that, on closer inspection, turn out to be false. No one has done a better job of demonstrating this than David Croteau in this excellent and informative book. Not everyone will enjoy reading it, as human nature typically recoils from admitting error and being forced to give up long-held and deeply cherished interpretations. But there is no virtue in error, and no Christian can be edified by it. Read this book closely and humbly. Even though you may not agree with everything Croteau asserts, your grasp of God’s Word will undoubtedly increase.”

Sam Storms, lead pastor for preaching and vision,
Bridgeway Church, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Gilbert wrote one of the best books on the gospel that I've read: What is the Gospel? I'm currently reading through What is the Mission of the Church? that he wrote with Kevin DeYoung. Sam Storms has written several books of note, particularly Tough Topics. The sequel, Tough Topics 2, is also available.

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