Thursday, February 16, 2006

Messages on Tithing

On my blog I'm breaking my thoughts on tithing up into small sections; this may raise many questions among those who don't know me or where I'm coming from. Therefore, I'd like to point anyone interested to . This is the link of the church that I joined last month. They've asked me to give four messages on my dissertation topic ... essentially tithing. So far I've given two messages, though as of now they only have one posted on the site. I'll give the final two on the next two Wednesdays. I also provide the PowerPoints, Handouts, and (since they were repeatedly requested) the answers to the handouts. The audios are free to download, as are the files.
Also, any feedback (aka constructive criticism) would be greatly appreciated.

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jared said...

i tried going to that link you provided here, but for some reason it didn't work. I've been studying tithing for about 2 years heavy, and steady now. Here is my own tithe website. unfortunately i have about 3 chapters out of 11 of my essay online. the other chapters need to be edited still, but i'll read the rest of your stuff you provided on your blog. Looks good so far.